Hunter's Oil Co. is a family owned and operated discount oil heating company. We are located in the Hudson Valley on our family farm - Hunter's Country Farm.  We deliver to homes and businesses in Dutchess County, Putnam County and Westchester County. 

We understand the meaning of the word 'service' and we offer the most comprehensive package of service and support in the industry.

We can anticipate peak periods of demand and provide trouble-free home comfort. We're there when you need us most - that's why we say, "nobody serves you better."

For a free quote please call (845) 225-5474.


We provide reliable service to residential and commercial customers. Call today to set up automatic deliveries, or call us when you are running low.  We offer a variety of payment options. Our prices and service can't be beat!

Worried about large oil bills in the winter? Call us and ask about our budget plans.

Out of fuel? Call us to schedule a same day delivery.  We do our best to accommodate these emergency situations.

Visit our service page for more information about our oil delivery services.



We are pleased to announce we are offering discounted prices to our Dalton Farms automatic customers this year. Please call us for information or to set up an account. 

Spring is here! Prices are falling as demand begins to decrease.  

Give us a call if you are interested in setting up a budget plan for the upcoming season.

Please keep an eye on your tank levels.  When temperatures suddenly drop you'll be using more oil than you usually do. Although we do our best to get to all of our customers as soon as possible, there are times when we are booked 3-4 days in advance,

If you have an above ground tank winterizing additive is suggested in winter months.  Let us know when you place our order so our driver can add it to the tank.  This will help prevent the oil from gelling in the lines.

As the winter season begins and we start to see snow, please keep in mind:

  • Our trucks need a 10 foot wide path
  • We need a path cleared to the fill pipe
  • Drivers need an outside light
  • Flagging buried tanks is helpful
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